4-H Bread Baking Contest

This is an opportunity for you to hone your culinary skills or learn a new recipe.

Bread baking has always been a popular 4-H Activity.  We hope you’ll enjoy this activity so much that you’ll bake homemade goodies for your family on a regular basis!

Contact Information

Tim Roberts

Michael Owen

Kelly Ravlija

Kyla Szemplinski

Grade Level Categories

4th Grade Explorers – Plain Cornbread- any shape, 3 pieces

5th Grade – Biscuits- 3 each

6th Grade – Cookies – any kind, 3 each – suggested varieties: Drop cookies, Bars or Squares, Rolled cookies, Filled cookies (frosting can be a mix), Decorated cookies

7th & 8th Grades – 1 Whole Quick Loaf – any kind (ex. Banana Nut, Strawberry, Apple, Cheese, or Onion Bread) [NOT yeast bread]

9th-12th Grades – 1 Whole Yeast Bread Loaf – any kind

ALL Grades 4th-12th – Can enter the Chocolate Chip Cookie contest- 3 each


  • 4-H’er MUST do the preparing and baking.
  • Use any recipe 4-H’er would like, but don’t use mixes.
  • Read all instructions carefully and wash your hands before beginning.
  • Bring wrapped baked good on a paper plate with your name and teacher’s name on the underneath side of the plate.
  • Suggestion: choose bread that is evenly brown and texture is light