Family and Consumer Science Education (FCS)

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

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EFNEP is an educational program for families and youth, particularly families with young children.

Families who enroll in EFNEP receive a series of lessons, at no cost to them, on how to choose and prepare healthy foods. Education focuses on…

  • Selecting and preparing nutritious foods
  • Managing food resources wisely
  • Handling foods safely
  • Participating in regular physical activity

Trained UT Extension nutrition educators (peer educators) provide fun and engaging hands-on lessons to limited resource audiences. Funding for EFNEP is provided by the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Information is available on how to properly choose, prepare, and preserve food for healthy diets. The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program was piloted in Shelby County in 1969, the Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program in 1995, and in 2007 the TSU Nutrition Education Program was added, these programs are designed to teach healthy eating practices to limited-resource audiences. Food safety training is available for individuals and institutions.

Shelby County is home to one of the largest Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Programs (EFNEP) in the state of Tennessee. Working through the University of Tennessee Extension, Nutrition Educators utilize USDA curricula teaching 6-12 fun filled classes focusing on nutrition education, managing food dollars and food safety to individuals, community groups, in-school youth groups and summer programs. During these classes participants receive hands education through activities, cooking demonstrations, and recipes they can use with their families.

EFNEP saves money

EFNEP has been conducted in Tennessee for over 45 years and has proven to be a program with significant impacts. A cost-benefit analysis of EFNEP in Tennessee showed that for every dollar spent to implement the program, $2.48 is saved on food expenditures. This can reduce the need for emergency food assistance and save money for other necessities.

EFNEP Program Assistants

Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program (TNCEP)

TNCEP is a nutrition education program for individuals and families who participate or are eligible to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). UT Extension provides SNAP-Ed through TNCEP. The goal of TNCEP is to help participants learn how to choose and prepare healthy foods and feel empowered to move toward self-sufficiency. Through TNCEP, participants are taught how to use SNAP and related resources effectively.

Education is delivered by county Extension personnel and partners in the community who work with the SNAP audience. The characteristic of TNCEP that makes it different from other nutrition education programs is that it is coalition-driven. A community coalition of individuals from various agencies determines what education is conducted. Funding for TNCEP is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

For more information on the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program or Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program in Shelby County contact Extension Agent or the program assistants.

TNCEP Program Assistants

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