4-H Chick Chain

4-H members wishing to participate in the Chick Chain should complete an application and pay a $25 fee to receive one dozen baby chickens in a specific breed.   Breeds vary by year.   Each member can purchase one set only. 

Applications are due in February and chickens arrive in March each year.  Members raise the chickens and in September bring the best three to Agricenter’s Harvest Festival for the 4-H Show & Sale. The remaining nine are yours to keep! 

Contact Information

Tim Roberts

Michael Owen

Kelly Ravlija

Kyla Szemplinski

The project is for youth in 4th – 12th grades from beginner to experienced small livestock caretakers. Participants and their parent(s) / guardian(s) are required to pick chicks up when notified they have arrived at Agricenter. Participants will be responsible for providing cage, feed, heat lamp, etc. for the chicks. If chickens will reside in a subdivision, please be sure to check with your local division management regarding small livestock on property.