4-H Photography Contest

Contest Deadline: February 16, 2024 @ 4:30pm
Location: UT-TSU Shelby County Extension Office

Do you like to take picture? Then, here’s an activity for you!! Select 1 or 2 pictures that you’ve made in the past year, or that you make before the contest, and mount them separately on poster board or construct​ion paper to make your exhibit(s).

Select photographs that show imagination! People don’t always have a smile and your dog doesn’t have to sit and look at you. Start by selecting a variety pf subjects to photograph. Experiment with different angles. Remember to get close enough to your subject for a good shot with sharpness. Be aware of the lighting, so that your pictures capture the true color. 

Contact Information

Tim Roberts

Michael Owen

Kelly Ravlija

Kyla Szemplinski

Rules and Guidelines

  • The categories are: People, Animals/Insects, Barns, and Landscapes. NOTE: A landscape can be a field, a shoreline, mountains, etc… NOT a single flower.
  • Each entry must have a SHORT TITLE under the photo. Be creative and original.
  • You may use any camera you’d like. Digital cameras or cellphones / tablets are preferred. You may use 35mm or APS film cameras, but you must submit the negative along with your photo.
  • Maximum photo size should not exceed 5” x 7”.
  • Every photo entry must have a completed entry form filled out and TAPED to the back of each photo. Entry Form can be found above.
  • Do NOT use glue to attach photo entry forms.
  • All photos must be taken by the student.
  • Only 1 entry per category is allowed, however, you may enter all 6 categories.
  • Entries may be comprised of a SINGLE entry or a SERIES.
  • A series must consist of 4 photos showing a “before and after” or a “how-to” theme.
  • A series entry must have the 4 photos numbered sequentially or in order of events in addition to entry forms on each photo in the series.
  • Place all entries from an individual 4-H’er in 1 envelope with NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE, GRADE, SCHOOL / CLUB NAME and TEACHER / LEADER NAME.

Grades 7 – 12: The top 10 photos will be mailed to the State Office in Knoxville and entered into the
Tennessee 4-H State Photo Search Contest. These photos MUST relate to 4-H in some way.