4-H Public Speaking Contest

Date: January 11, 2024 @ 6:00 P.M.

Location: Agricenter International
B-Wing (7777 Walnut Grove Rd.)

Registration: 5:00 P.M. to 5:45 P.M.

Contest Starts at 6:00 P.M.

Learning to be a good public speaker is something that will be useful throughout a 4-H member’s lifetime. Good public speakers are made, not born.The necessary skills associated with being a good public speaker have always been an important part of the 4-H experience and 4-H clubs are encouraged to foster a positive, learning-oriented environment for youth regarding this subject. 4-H’ers will give their speech during their January 4-H club meeting.  Winners of the local contests will be invited to participate in the County contest.

4-H’ers who participate in Public Speaking can expect to:

  • Develop skills for communicating about real issues to real audiences.
  • Learn how to organize and prepare a speech.
  • Develop speech delivery skills.
  • Learn how to present themselves to others.
  • Develop self confidence

Contact Information

Tim Roberts

Michael Owen

Kelly Ravlija

Kyla Szemplinski

  • Please follow the same rules and guidelines as found below. The same grading criteria will also be used.
  • ***All 1st place winners will be given the opportunity to advance to the Western Regional Competition (Grades 9-12) scheduled for Tuesday, February 1st or the Southwest Area Sub-Regional Competition (Grades 4-8), date to be arranged.
  • 11th and 12th grade will also deliver an extemporaneous speech, details will be sent participants.

Guidelines for the speeches

  • Must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Props or posters are not allowed.
  • Participants should use index cards, have good eye contact, speak loudly, have good posture, and not go over the time limit.
  • The speech can be on any topic however 5th – 12th graders must mention 4-H in their speech. 

Time limits by grade level: 

  • 4th Grade: 1 ~ 2 minutes
  • 5th Grade: 2 ~ 3 minutes
  • 6th Grade: 3 ~ 4 minutes
  • 7th Grade: 4 ~ 5 minutes
  • 8th Grade: 4 ~ 5 minutes
  • 9th Grade: 5 ~ 7 minutes
  • 10th Grade: 5 ~ 7 minutes
  • 11th Grade: 5 ~ 7 minutes
  • 12th Grade: 5 ~ 7 minutes

4th—8th Grade: You may choose your own topic. Examples such as: “My favorite __.”, “A person you admire.”, “A subject or topic you are learning about in school.” Also, mention something about 4-H in your speech.
Note cards may be used, but NO visuals.
9th—12th Grade: All speeches must relate in some way to the 4-H member’s experience in 4-H as well as something learned. It should also promote 4-H.
11th—12th Grade: In addition to the regular 4-H speech, you will be expected to deliver an extemporaneous or impromptu speech.

Speakers will be expected to dress appropriately.

Girls: suit, dress, nice top, modest skirt or pants, hair should be pulled away from face.
Boys: suit; khaki or dark dress slacks; nice, buttoned, collared shirt (polo or full button-down); tie (optional) ABSOLUTELY NO: jeans (blue or any color), athletic wear, action wear, t-shirts, sweatshirts,
head covering (hats, caps, beanies, doo-rags, bandanas…), shorts, flip-flips, sandals, open toe shoes.

Other Pointers to Give a Good Speech
  • What not to Do Pointers
  • What not to Say Pointers